Scene opens with Batch’s warm and introspective synths as the lights dim, whispers fade, and Kristian’s vocals begin: we’re back into the story that began with Siren. It’s the same characters as before, but time has passed and there’s a new perspective. Where Siren’s first chorus was ‘love is on the way’, Scene’s is ‘watch you fly away’. From there, Lighthouse wastes no time moving us through the storm. The energy is elevated but less naive than our first time through, and without the novelty and sheen of newness that the first instalment afforded. If Lighthouse was a guide post through the rocks and storm, Rasor is the storm itself. In that storm, if you let it, Rasor will give you enough time to appreciate the beauty in a dark cloud – briefly – before it opens up on you again with heavy torrents of relentless rain. As Crane’s warm hands hold us up in our exhaustion, the realization strikes that we’re still answerless, and this Scene, this chapter, propels us steadfastly towards this trilogy’s conclusion.”

“On a personal note, I’m proud of the fact that in this cultural climate we can put out a release with tracks as individually diverse as Batch, Wastaga, and Crane, yet have an audience that not only accepts, but responds positively to the kind of atmospheric and emotional spectrum contained within the duration of each EP.” – Jeff Hartford